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No Floor, No Filter, No Ceilings. 10.25.21
Tyler Metcalf
@tmetcalf11 | @NoCeilingsNBA | Draft expert and staff writer for @hashtBasketball | Contributor for @canishoopus
Tyler Rucker
Founder of Backcourt Violation. Conductor of Chaos at No Ceilings. Champion of NBA Hangtime
Stephen Gillaspie
- The Weekend Warrior - Staff Writer for No Ceilings - Cohost of the Draft Deeper podcast
Alex (Draft Film School)
Just another Amateur NBA Draft Scout. Basketball junkie who is passionate about breaking down the film and development of NBA Draft prospects.
Nathan Grubel
Founder of the Draft Deeper podcast, No Ceilings writer and podcaster.
Corey Tulaba
NBA Draft dude | Editor-in-chief of The Hardwood Magazine | Director of vibes at No Ceilings | Twitter: www.twitter.com/coreytulaba
Nick Agar-Johnson
Editor-in-Chief/Writer for No Ceilings NBA
Albert Ghim
"You create this kind of protective shell, but underneath, we're all just little nudie turtles." - Tom Wambsgans