Well, I checked your picks for the 2022 draft. You got three of them right, which isn’t too bad considering how speculative this whole draft prognostication seems to be. However you did take a very big swing and a miss on Andrew Nembard. You didn’t even have him drafted. His selection is a true testimony to the draft process of the Pacers and their evaluaters . As far as your current article goes, I too am a big believer in GG Jackson. I for one believe he is the best forward in the class. Why? He already has the body. His body will only get better which will make him a very dynamic player. You will never see Leonard making three pointers 4 foot behind the line. I saw Leonard play 10 times this year. He is great at runnning up and down the court, but doesn’t have the hops nor the bulk - he has the skinniest legs I have ever seen on a player. Those Thomson Twins are over reach personified. I am glad the hype machine is working so well for them. Hopefully it will take up a couple of slots ahead of the Pacers so we can the one they want - whoever that maybe.

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