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Missing from your analysis: Beekman injured his ankle against Michigan on Nov. 29th, then had a more substantial injury to his hamstring against JMU on Dec. 6, serious enough to miss that game, a second game in January, and to playing hobbled in most of his games in December and January. The injuries left him unable to accelerate or elevate at anything close to the level he did before the injuries. When healthy, his burst is among the best among college guards and his athleticism considerable. His two-point percentage is down because he couldn’t elevate as he would otherwise do or get to the basket ahead of defenders with his burst.

That he has continued to put up great numbers is testament to his high hoops IQ.

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Super great film & data analysis here. Thanks for pointing out both the positives and negatives of his game. I'm wondering what you think about him not declaring for the draft this year (especially with the recent injury) and playing another full season next year - is it worth it?

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