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Actually I watched Arkansas specifically for Nick Smith but Anthony really caught my eye, not because of his mane. And when that happens on my watch it’s usually significant. Smith is obviously a top 6 pick but when a bigger player has these skills it means something. And this draft has Whitmore(possibly a superstar,) Gg Jackson (just turned 18,) Brandon Miller, Walker and the Thompson twins, Dick and Filipowski. That is a sizable group for perhaps the most important position.

That means that good young teams like NO, Utah and the Magic might get two and two very young loaded ones, Detroit and my team, the Thunder will get a piece they need. I like your work, Chuck Thanks

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Thanks Chuck. It's really exciting how much talent is in this draft. Especially when you factor in their size and athleticism. Just a lot of versatility that creates awesome basketball.

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I don’t think my reply got back to you but in essence I believe we are at the changing of the guards. Obviously, the Cavs, NO and Memphis have made large strides but the Pistons, Magic and of course the Thunder are next especially since they have the cores to take that leap and should get an excellent rotational pice, and the Magic maybe two.

I’m looking forward to following the prospects and the rising teams. Memphis is a handful with their depth and physicality.

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